Photography has been my passion for years. I strive to capture one single moment in time that I can look back at in twenty years, and still be emotionally affected by the image. I try to find the beauty and elegance in all things, whether it's that split second of a child laughing, a quiet moment between husband and wife, or the moment the sun paints the sky with color. I try to look at moments like these in a unique way and try to capture the essence of the atmosphere around me.

I try to make an effort to make everyone feel comfortable around me and hopefully the camera just fades away, so I can capture you and your loved ones when you are truly yourselves.

"Ramsey has been passionate about photography and art since she was a child. Her career in portraiture and commercial photography has been infused with fine-art, fashion, design, and photo-journalism, as well as painting. Her work has been published in local magazines and showcased in local galleries. Ramsey's passion and exuberance for life is readily evident as portrayed in her work. She strives to capture that moment in time which reflects the essence and spirit of the atmosphere around her. Ramsey holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Central Oklahoma."