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Bring a change of clothes for little ones...just in case.

Bring water and a few snacks that aren't messy

Try not to come hungry!

Be prepared to relax, and have fun together as a family. You may feel awkward at first but thats ok!

COOL AND CALM Kids are best in the morning when they are at their happiest. Well rested and fed, a calm, fun energy should make for the perfect shot time for kids and siblings. Lunch, nap times and evening are generally more complicated times for portraits, since young ones are often both hungry and tired at this time. 

GET THE LOOK Decide before the shoot what look you're going for. Furnishings from your home can also be used.

HAIR AWARE Get haircuts at least a week before the shoot. It might take a few days to grow into (or fond of) a hair cut. 

CAN'T BUY ME LOVE Build up the session to children as it really is - a time for fun and togetherness. There's no need for bribes when the event itself is the reward. Prepare your little ones ahead of time, talking about what you expect of them and what we will be doing. 

CHILL PILL Calm your own lens nerves. Relaxed parents have more fun, which helps kids become most comfortable for the best shots. 



Coordinate Outfits.  Now this doesn't mean everyone has to 100% match with khaki pants or jeans and a white shirt! You want to complement each other's outfits by choosing colors that work well together. I find that if everyone is wearing the same clothing, people will all tend to blend in together and there won't be too much pop and life to the images. Coordinate VS. Matching....Let's not get cheesy!

Colors and Patterns. Colors are everywhere around us and bring things to life... why not bring your images to life as well! Be sure the colors you use coordinate with each other and you don't just end up looking like one big rainbow. When picking patterns, choose smaller ones that won't distract attention away from the main subject/s. Use patterns sparingly. If one person is wearing a print, try to avoid putting someone else in a competing pattern. Avoid large logo's, emblems and graphic like "GAP" and "old Navy" because these will typically distract attention away from the subject. We want your faces and emotion to show, not promote the clothing company you purchase from! 

Let your personalities shine! The purpose of these photos is to hopefully capture each individual as they truly are, and to capture the family. Forcing anyone to wear outfits that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar to them may cause some anxiety and stress, which in turn will inhibit really capturing personalities during the session. Wear clothing that you feel good and confident in and the pictures will emanate those feelings. If your child wears a pair of rain boots everywhere he/she goes, it makes the most sense to have them wear them for the pictures as well, or they can be worn at the end of the session. 

Dress for the season and location. Obviously you want your images to make sense. One typically wouldn't be wearing jeans, boots, and a jacket during the summer. 

Personalize it. These are your images and of course you want them to speak volumes about you and your family. Discuss things your family enjoys doing together and bring "props" and accessories that will help compliment who you are. If your family enjoys playing music together, bring your instruments to your session. Bring along items that will represent who each individual is and who your family is. 



If you need to reschedule your session, please contact me as soon as possible. No shows will forfeit their session fee.

Ramsey Photography retains all original copyrights to the images. 

Ramsey Photography does not sell unedited images. Images may not be edited or altered with out permission from the photographer. 

An additional travel fee will be added for sessions more than 20 miles outside of the Edmond, OKC area. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.